Established in 1660 during the power struggles between the Parliament and the Monarchy, the British Army was formed from Oliver Cromwell's New Model Army. Due to such, it is the only branch of the British Armed Forces that is not referred to as "Royal", but instead individual units within the Army hold the reference.

The British Army is commanded by the Chief of Army Staff, who is currently The Most Honourable Marquess of Winchester and is represented in His Majesty's Government by the Secretary of State for War, and the Colonies.

Fighting on campaigns around the world, driven by a resolute determination to uphold the three ideologies of God, King, and Country, the British Army is rendered a force to be reckoned with, feared throughout the whole of Europe and on top of that, the entire world.


  • 1st Regiment of Foot Guards, 'King's Own' Grenadiers
  • 42nd Regiment of Foot, Highlanders
  • 44th Regiment of Foot, Regulars
  • 95th Regiment of Foot, Rifles